• Keith Raniere & Nancy Saltzman (Founders of the Executive Success Program)
  • Michael E. Gerber (Author of the The E-Myth)
  • All Shareholders, Officers, Employees & Clients (Porter & Associates, Homesteaders Life Company)
  • Tom Porter

I like the sensei martial arts tradition of paying homage to those who came before them.  For example, if you were looking for a Sensei (martial arts instructor) on the Internet the opening paragraph on the “About Sensei” page would first feature the lineage.  It is formal recognition of the fact that the skills and knowledge accumulated by the Sensei were not created by him, nor were they derived from his immediate instructor … but from all those instructors in their lineage.  Out of respect and gratitude, the Sensei will provide a brief biography of each instructor, and finally he will place his name and biography at the very end of the list.

I cannot take credit for creating Asset-Based Marketing’s integrative business planning process because it is the result of my interactions and studies with all of the individuals listed, above.  I am grateful for the knowledge they passed along to me and I hope that the modifications that I have made to their body of work will somehow enhance the results experienced by my clients.