“Your assets go up in the elevator in the morning, and ride down at night.” Jack Welch, former CEO of GE

Most businesses rely on employees to plan, organize, control, measure and execute its corporate mission and yearly strategic plans. From the c-suite executive to the receptionist (who either projects a good or a bad impression of the company), your employees’ willingness and ability to effectively perform will make or break your business.

So why isn’t a large section of your company’s strategic plan devoted to identifying in detail how every employee’s position is tied to the mission, objectives and value propositions of the organization? Why isn’t ongoing monitoring of employee attitudes, opinions and beliefs a priority? Why aren’t internal communications, employee enrichment, orientations, trainings, performance reviews, compensation/incentives and “customer experience” standards directly linked to customer and corporate branding initiatives?

Here’s why: It’s a complicated and time consuming process. Even if a company recognizes the value of this concept, it lacks the internal knowledge and practical training to develop and implement a comprehensive, integrated and coordinated program. The key to building the financial value of any business lies in correctly identifying what is “causing” or driving its success. Asset-Based Marketing will help maximize the contributions made by employees—the asset that causes the biggest effect in your firm’s profit and loss statement.