“Brand, next to people, is the most important asset your company owns. Yes, it is intangible. No, it is not on the balance sheet, as it is in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Australia. However, to ultimately manage brand as a profit driver, you have to rethink your management approach.”Scott M. Davis, Managing Partner, Prophet’s, a global consultancy specializing in branding, marketing and innovation

Your brand resides in your customers’ minds. Your brand is the combination of everything that is said, heard, read, written or seen regarding your company its products or services. This means branding is really a process of managing customer experiences.

The most important brand experiences are delivered through your employees. But how many companies incorporate “living the company brand” in their employee performance reviews? We believe the answer is less than 1 percent. Measurement or monitoring of how well employees deliver on your company’s brand promise, brand personality and brand values isn’t happening within a majority of businesses. Since you can’t manage what you don’t measure, this statistic means that most businesses are unconsciously damaging their brand.

Your company’s brand needs to be woven into the fabric of your organization. Brand threads need to run through employee education and training, company celebrations, employee and customer communications, customer segmentation strategies and all other aspects of employee and customer relations. This requires hard work and enormous discipline. But companies that have fully integrated their brand into employee and customer asset management practices soon realize levels of success unprecedented by any other change efforts.

If your firm is committed to working for these positive results, Asset-Based Marketing will lead you through the process of integrating your brand into every detail of your employees’ growth and customers’ experience.