Is Everyone Singing The Same Tune Within Your Company?

As you watch the Playing For Change video, below, consider the beauty and power of the voices of each individual and then notice how magnificent each voice sounds when it blends with all the others.

For me, the video not only reaffirms my belief that given the opportunity, all people want to be part of something larger than they could create individually, but it also demonstrates how we can accomplish a lot more working together than apart. One of the reasons why it is so inspiring to me is that my wish is that the Asset-Based Integrative Process™ that I developed for businesses might, in its own way, help bring all areas of an organization together transforming it from small groups and individuals to one unified force.

Another aspect of the video that may not be apparent is the fact that bringing this video to life required an enormous effort in leadership and courage. It required the creation of a vision, steadfastly holding that vision, effectively sharing that vision with like-minded individuals and encouraging them to participate … and finally editing until the finished product was just right.

How might all of this apply to your company? As a leader are you doing all that is possible to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people so everyone within your organization speaks in a united voice? Have you collaborated with your employees, customers, and vendors to create a clear vision, clear corporate values and a clear brand promise that everyone is passionate about? If not, remember “Stand by me” and how the single voice of Roger Ridley combined with a vision and the collaborative voices of over 35 musicians transformed Playing For Change from a small group of individuals to a global movement for peace and understanding.

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